Foreign trade, IT and real estate operations services.

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Hamilton Trade Corp. is a company with multinational capitals, based in Delawere, USA.

Our vision is to boost the capital of our partners and investors by operating in three well-defined market areas.

On the one hand, we operate in conjunction with a conglomerate of companies dedicated to foreign trade, we work in the international logistics area, we operate as a fordwarder, including distribution and marketing services.

On the other hand, in the area of computer security, management software, Web design computer services, Hosting Service and we are the owners of different consulting companies in computer matters that provide business management services together with the main management software in the world.

Our business group seeks to achieve comprehensive solutions for companies around the world and developers to ensure that all services are integrated through us without making multiple contracts with different providers necessary to carry out a comprehensive operation.

Finally, we operate in the real estate market with the purchase of properties in the US. We have a group of analysts who detect real estate purchase opportunities in places with significant growth potential, we add value by remodeling them to later market them with an important benefit and the security generated by the real estate market that supports the investments made.

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